DuraWall and Accessories

The Garage Innovations DuraWall is a storage and organizational solution for your garage walls utilizing very strong cellular PVC. The slat-wall is screwed directly over existing sheetrock or exposed studs.
We stock over 100 accessories that are designed to be used with this system. The accessories range from shelves and hooks to bike racks and baskets. The accessories simply hook onto the slat-wall without the use of nails or screws. The accessories can be moved up and down or side to side on the wall with ease.

Gearwall Panels

Slat-wall Accessories :

We carry a full line of custom accessories for your garage. Including:

---> Shelving Units
---> Activity Racks
---> Baskets & Bins
---> Accessories
---> Workshop Solutions

More information about the DuraWall Signature Line:

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Adobe Photoshop PDF