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Terra Chip Epoxy Floor Coating

Terra Chip Epoxy Floor Coating:

Terra Chip is our premium industrial grade polyurea decorative floor coating system for your home or business. To ensure you will enjoy your floor for years to come, our Terra Chip floor coating systems incorporates the latest Polyurea UV stable technology to prevent aging and yellowing effects of UV radiation. This floor system is applied with a squeegee and is self-leveling. Due to the material thickness and curing time, this system requires two days to complete the installation process. The finished thickness of this floor coating is 36 mils. You can expect a 20 plus year life expectancy from your Terra Chip floor coating.

24-Hour Polyurea Floor Coating

24-Hour Polyaspartic Floor:

Our 24-hour polyaspartic floor system is a great option when a limited amount of time is available for the installation process. This coating is applied with a paint roller similar to the type that is used when painting a wall. Several thin layers are applied allowing each coat to cure within an hour. We can complete your floor coating in just one day! Because only one trip is required, we have reduced labor cost combined with reduced material cost due to a thinner application, which results in a lower cost for your floor coating project. The finished thickness of this floor coating is 23 mills. You can expect a 12 to 15 year life expectancy from this floor coating.

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    • First, we use a state of the art floor grinder to create a profile for maximum bond to the coating. 

    • Next, the base coat is applied with a squeegee due to the thickness of the coating.

    • Third, your floor will get a full broadcast of acrylic paint chips or Deco mineral chips in the color you choose.

    • The last step is the application of our Terra Thane Topcoat, which ensures a lasting finish for your floor

With our Terra Chip floor coating, the basecoat is applied 12 mils thick, the color chips are applied 12 mils thick and the Terra Thane Topcoat is applied 12mils thick.  The Deco floor has a Terra Thane Topcoat applied at 18mils thick.  When you floor is complete the Terra Chip finishes out to a total thickness of .036mils thick and the Deco floor finishes out to .042mils thick.  That is a little thicker than a credit card!!




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