How an Epoxy Floor Coating Benefits Your Garage

By now you’ve probably heard about the new rage in garage floor coatings: epoxy. This incredible material has changed what garages can be used for. Instead of a dark, crowded or humid garage, you can have an attractive storage space that looks bright, airy and clean. How does choosing epoxy floor coating help your garage?

Preventing Moisture Problems

Epoxy coatings are practically impervious to moisture. They form a solid barrier between your concrete floor and what’s above. This is good for moisture protection in two ways: first, it keeps liquid spills, oil, and water from sinking into your concrete. Another benefit is that moisture from below can’t reach items that you have stored on top of epoxy. So, you can keep cardboard boxes from your move in the garage safely.

Giving Your Garage Floor Incredible Shine

Epoxy floors are often used in car dealership showrooms. They provide a brilliant shine that shows off automobiles. If you’re a classic car enthusiast or collector, you need an epoxy floor to give your vehicle the attention it deserves. Choose from bold colors or marble designs for a sophisticated look.

Making Maintenance and Repairs Much Easier

Did you know that most racecar pit stop garages have epoxy floor coating installed? When working on any car, epoxy coating is a great choice. It saves you time. Cleaning up oil, radiator fluid and other liquids is as easy as using a paper towel. You can mop easily and without leaving any dirt behind.

Plus, if you’re customizing your ride, having a light-colored epoxy floor helps you find you tools and parts more easily. You don’t have to feel around on the concrete to figure out where that loose bolt rolled off to. Everything stands out against the epoxy right away.

If you’re looking for a durable, moisture resistant, beautiful and functional floor, choose epoxy. You won’t be disappointed.